My formal training consists of a Bachelor's degree in Creative Arts with a minor in
Elementary Art Teaching and a focus in Music received from Northern Arizona
University. I studied under Artist in Residence Tom Sheeley, a world-class
professional classical guitarist.
Prior to university studies, I studied under several instructors and attended various
clinics in jazz and classical music theory and performance.
I continue to challenge myself with performance and lessons to the present,
broadening my repertoire and abilities.
My instruction consists of a variety of texts, depending on the style desired and level of the student.

This can range from rock tablature, jazz charts, classical methodology, or beginning music fundamentals.
I provide all materials free with the paid lessons in the form of paper copies and cd/dvd's.
Suggested additional equipment are a metronome and tuner.

essons are $45. Each lesson is approximately 30-40 minutes.

I can travel to the student's location, travel expenses included for the majority of the San Francisco Bay
area. Occasionally, I may need to incur a travel fee, but I try to avoid this.

4 Prepaid lessons are $160.
Contact me here:
Guitar Instruction
"Capricho Arabe" - F. Tarrega